What Does It Mean To Work With A Designer

Is it really that important for you to have an interior designer? Well, given that I am one, of course I’m going to say YES! However, there are some key points to understand when trying to decide if you should work with a designer or not.

Understanding Scale and Key Measurements – Will that sofa fit? How far away from the door should I keep my furniture? Is there enough room to walk around? How big should my rug be? These are all questions that you may ask yourself as you begin to think about changing your space. And these are all questions that interior designers work with every day. We know the answers because we’ve done this before. Because we’ve done this so many times, we can almost tell how large of a sofa will be needed, or the size of the rug, upon our first meeting. We can also see if those chairs that you love from a catalog will appear too small in your space. Or if that coffee table you saw at Home Goods is just a few inches too short for the sofa you liked online. We are well versed in using the proper scale of furnishings to work in your space. We are trained to see the overall picture in an interior space before it is completed.

You Can’t Get It From A Catalog Most designers do not order from a catalog or store. We work directly with the furniture manufacturers so that we can truly customize the items going into your home. We create a look that is uniquely you, functional for your lifestyle, and not sold in stores. We are one stop shopping for the clients and fully customizable, meaning you can get what you want without having to shop around. We do it for you! It also gives you access to brands and product lines that you can’t find in a store. We stay up to date on trends and new design options so that your home doesn’t look dated before you even get started!

Thinking Outside The Box – Designers see things in a different way. We have tricks up our sleeves that may have never crossed your mind. We know how to mix and match patterns, choose paint colors and coordinate wood and metal finishes. We strive to create a beautiful and functional space for our clients while also pushing them outside of their comfort zones, design wise, in order to create something that is unique to them and how they live their lives.

Enjoyment of the Space – Do you want to deal with running around with a tape measure in your pocket to several different stores to pick up samples and take measurements and make your head spin? A designer does all of that for you! Many of us already have samples on hand and a tape measure in our pocket! We take the work out of it for you so that when everything is said and done you are left with a beautiful room. We take measurements, carefully plan out the space, choose fabrics and finishes that are tailored to your specific tastes and needs (performance fabric anyone?), take care of the ordering, receiving and delivering. We coordinate subcontractors as necessary. We have everything delivered to your home and set up for you to enjoy. It doesn’t happen over night, but it does ensure that your space will be functional and fabulous. I truly believe that a beautifully designed space adds happiness and calmness to one’s life, whereas a poorly designed space can have the opposite effect. We all deserve to enjoy our homes!

Budget – You may think this is a joke, but it isn’t. Designers know how to plan to your budget. We may show you options that are a bit outside of that number, but our job is to give you OPTIONS. You are always allowed to say no. We know which manufacturers fall in line with your budget and your needs. We take this part of our job very seriously. Our goal is to always create a space that is comfortable and functional – for your life and for your wallet.

As an interior designer, I can honestly say that interiors are my passion and my goal is to always give my clients a space that they’ve previously only dreamed about. My colleagues feel the same way. We love our profession and take enjoyment from every project we do. Working with a designer is well worth the investment in your home and in your life.