Using Bold Patterns... and a sneak peek!

There is definitely an art to mixing bold patterns in a room. Too much is overkill. Too little looks like an after thought. But if you get it just right, your room will be a jaw dropper. Here are 3 ways to use bold patterns correctly in any room.

Go all in! Yep, you heard me. Use it everywhere. Just like we did in this home office/music room. There's no getting around it. These palm leaves are meant to be seen. (This is your sneak peek! We haven't even put this in our portfolio yet!)

Only use it a little but use the color palette. This bright floral is a favorite but it would've been too much all over the place. So we paired it with a geometric wallpaper in the same navy color palette and it works as an accent. (The wallpaper isn't exactly subtle.)

Make it a focal point. Like an accent wall or on the ceiling. It will command attention which is what you want from a bold pattern. Then you don't have to use it anywhere else.

Don't be afraid of bold pattern! It is so much fun to use and definitely takes a room from OK to WOW! And if you need some help, give me a call!

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