Tips for Tile Shopping

Who out there loves a good home renovation? I know I do! But there are some things involved in a renovation that you forget about. Or really don’t look forward to. Those things that make you paralyzed with fear about making the wrong decision. Tile shopping is one of those things for many of my clients. “Tile is so permanent,” they say. They are afraid of choosing something that they are going to tire of in a short time. So here are a few tips to make tile shopping more enjoyable (and manageable).

Designer kitchen tile backsplash with mother of pearl accents

Bring inspiration photos.

You should ALWAYS have inspiration photos. It will help your sales rep or designer know what direction you are going in. You may think your style is Farmhouse but all of your inspiration photos are Contemporary. If you came in without those pictures and told everyone your style was farmhouse, you’d definitely end up with something you’d hate.

Bring samples of your vanity, cabinets, and counter tops. (or at least a photo)

It’s important that you make sure everything matches. You don’t want to have 3 different shades of white in the same space (unless you are going for that look.) It also allows for the proper amount of contrast in the tile versus the other parts of the space you are working on.

Know your budget and stick to it.

I feel that tile shopping is a “high or low” shopping game. I really like mixing a high end accent with lower cost tile for the rest of the spaces. But it’s hard to do that if you don’t have a budget. Without a budget, you could definitely over spend and then you are stuck falling in love with something that you can’t have. Or you have to cut back somewhere else that you don’t want to.

Subway tile kitchen backsplash

Vary your sizes. When choosing tile, you won’t tire of it if you give your eye different things to look at in the space. So varying your size in tile will really help. Especially if you are afraid to mix in too much color. For example, I just designed a bathroom with a small round tile on the floor, larger 3” x 12” subway tiles on the shower walls, and a lovely Carrera accent tile to tie in with the counter top. 3 different size tiles. All very affordable. All of them anything but boring. But if I did those subway tiles everywhere it would definitely be boring.

Don’t be afraid to try something different. I know, that’s exactly what you are afraid of. But trust yourself. If you find something you absolutely adore but you are worried it’s just too much, just do a little accent of it. It’ll be awesome! Or go all in – do a whole wall or the floor with a bold choice. If you love it, it will work.

Colorful mix of kitchen backsplashes featuring blue subway tile and a blue & white chevron subway tile pattern

You can completely get the best renovated bathroom or laundry room ever if you trust yourself and your designer. Tile shopping isn’t as scary as you think. Consider it a wonderful part of the home renovation adventure!