The Steel Magnolia Cocktail

So, being the Southern transplant that I am, I have noticed a few things about the women born and raised in the South.  They are strong, fearless, beautiful and kind.  They are caring, daring and bold.  But above all else, they are ladies.  In honor of Southern women everywhere, I have come up with a fantastic cocktail.  It is bold, sweet and sophisticated,  - just like my Southern friends! It's a prosecco and bourbon cocktail I have appropriately named the Steel Magnolia.

If you have seen the movie you know exactly what that term means.  It is all the adjectives above rolled into 2 words.  It is the perfect representation of a Southern woman.  And this cocktail is no different.  Some sweetness from honey and peach schnapps with a bold punch of bourbon and prosecco to finish it all off with sophistication.

The Steel Magnolia

.5 oz peach schnapps

1 0z bourbon

1.5 oz. honey simple syrup  (4Tbsp. honey melted into 1 C. of water, then allowed to cool)


First I rimmed my champagne flutes in sugar.  Then I added the peach schnapps, the bourbon and the simple syrup.  I gently mixed with a stir stick and then I topped it all off with Prosecco.

I truly believe that this cocktail embodies a Steel Magnolia.  And anyone who drinks it is one in my book!  Cheers!