The Importance of Accessories

Like it or not, the right accessories can make or break the look and feel of a room. We love accessories for their ability to inject our style into a room, for their affordability and the ease at which we can switch them out. (Why do you think Homegoods is so popular?) Then why is it that so many design clients want to cut the accessories budget? Before you decide to slash the accessories budget from your designers proposal, read about why we (as designers) feel accessories are so important to include in the full design project.

Neutral living room decor sofa three decorative pillows white coffee table small side table with decor

Accessories set the mood of the room. They can 100% showcase the feel of the space in artifacts and items. Do you want your space to have an Asian style? Or do you want it with some old world charm? Or should it be bright and colorful? Accessories help you say this in a room and can help carry that mood throughout the whole house, if you want.

Designer Portfolio lombardy Project living room decor with French door balcony windows white curtains white tufted sofa green & white decorative pillows rectangular coffee table two white lounge chairs with round side table

Your designer knows how the room will look with accessories in it. As designers, we already know where we want to place certain items or how the room will look with certain accessories in it. We begin with the end in mind and by the time we present you with our proposal, we already have a picture in our head of how the room will come together. This ALWAYS includes accessories.

They are carefully sourced and curated. Many designers, myself included, have a stash of accessories that we pick up on our travels, at antique markets or from showrooms that have sample sales. Or we know exactly which source to go to in order to create the look and feel that our client is wanting. This means you aren't getting something that we find on the shelf at a big box store that Susie down the street bought for $10 and we are charging you $25.... it means that we really search for it or acquire it as a one of a kind or specialty piece just for you, the client.

Designer Portfolio Robbins Preserve Project Living room decor with designer arranging floral display on coffee table

Accessories are easy to switch out. Sometimes you purchase accessories while traveling and they serve as a reminder of that trip or you find something at a shop that reminds you of a family member. Then other times you find accessories that you just like and want to add to your space. They are easy to switch out and add layers of memories and enjoyment to a room.

Placing objects in a room to accessorize give your eye things to look at other than just the furnishings. They are like jewelry to a space. So next time you think they aren't important, think again!