Table Setting 101

Mask requirements have been lifted.... who is ready to party??? I know all of you Lake Norman NC people are.... If you are having people over soon, you'll want to make sure everything looks beautiful. Setting a pretty table isn’t rocket science.... here are some key things to keep in mind as you prepare for your next sit down dinner.

Centerpieces should not be super tall. - you want to be able to see the person across from you without having to push aside some greenery or flowers. Keep centerpieces low and allow space for serving dishes of food.

When it comes to dishes, layering is good. - I always put the dinner plate down first, then the salad plate on top and a soup bowl on top of that. Or the napkin if you aren’t serving soup.

Choose between a table cloth, placemat or charger. - All of these are totally acceptable for setting a table. I find a charger is the most formal because it looks like an additional plate.

Remember – Knife has the same number of letters as Right, Fork has the same number of letters as Left.... that is the easiest way to remember which side of the plate they go on when setting the table.

Glasses for different beverages are essential! - Always have water glasses and wine glasses at every place setting. A pitcher of water on the table allows for self service.

Still feeling like you could use some help? Send me an email with your questions! I'm always happy to help!

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