Spring Table Setting

Spring is here and COVID-19 restrictions are loosening in many areas. Perhaps you are getting ready to host a big Easter dinner or just gather with friends to enjoy the nice weather. Finally, many of us have a reason to decorate a table and gather for a big meal. This simple table setting is perfect for the spring and simple enough to wow your friends and family without looking fussy.

I have been gifted an entire set of vintage desert rose plates. I have everything! But for this, I only used the large plates and the salad plates. I bought some inexpensive chargers and transformed them with a can of spray paint! I felt like the pop of pink would be just right! I just stacked the plates right on top of the charger and then created this super cute "egg bunny".

To make the "egg bunny" all you need is a hardboiled egg, a cloth napkin and some string or ribbon. Roll the napkin up and wrap it around the egg. Tie the top together so it looks like bunny ears. Voila! You have an appetizer and a napkin all rolled into one.

Now it is time to just enjoy the spring with a nice meal and friends and family. Isn't that what dinner parties are all about?

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