Spring Flower Arranging

When the sun starts shining and the flowers begin blooming, all I want to do is throw the windows open and bring the outside in. That includes those gorgeous blooms I see. Flower arranging is such fun for me because there is no wrong way to do it and a beautiful bouquet really brightens up a space. Here is how I pull together a no fuss spring flower arrangement.

Here are the supplies you will need:

Fresh flowers


Floral tape

Water-safe vase or vessel

The first thing I do is create a grid with my floral tape. I lay it across the opening of my vessel of choice. This helps keep flowers clustered if you want and also keeps them in the place you want them to be.

Then I take my flowers and snip them down to size. I really like asymmetrical arrangements so my fillers (eucalyptus or olive branches) are always taller than my flowers. And any stems that I want to stick up higher I leave longer.

Then it is time to start arranging. I begin with my biggest blooms, in this case the hydrangea. I make sure they are full but leave enough space to add in my accent flowers. The daisies go around the edge to add color and brightness. Then the fillers go into the center and just droop and cascade.

I usually end up fussing with it until I feel like it is just right. But there is no wrong way to do it! The end result should be something that makes you happy!

Photos by Emilie Smith.

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