Spooky Halloween Tablescape

Here’s the truth…. I’m not a huge fan of decorating for Halloween. I’ve always been like this. I began passing out candy at home instead of trick or treating when I was in 6th grade. Seriously. But now I have kids, and I decorate for everything, so Halloween decor it is. And what better way to show off some Halloween decor than with some of my blog friends. There is some seriously good stuff going on, including my spooky Halloween tablescape.

My dining room is already a dark color, so it was kind of the perfect backdrop for some eyeballs and spiders and skeletons. These eyeballs are the BEST! I love them. They almost seem like they follow you wherever you walk. Seriously creepy.

Instead of doing the usual orange and black thing, I wanted to make it a little different. I had mice skeletons and spiders and eyeballs to decorate with. So I decided to use black and red, to mimic blood. I know, sounds like I’m some sort of freak, but I swear I’m not. This decor is strictly metaphorical.

The centerpiece is made out of red and white roses, so not too gory, right? I set them in some mossy stuff and heaped on a black table cloth. Black and white candles were used to surround it. Then I began placing the eyeballs and skeletons around it. Don’t forget the spider and it’s web surrounding the chandelier!

I still used all of my fancy plates that I inherited from my aunt. I love them so much! And just added a touch of black, dried greenery for some spookiness.

Even though I said that I didn’t like decorating for Halloween, this spooky Halloween tablescape was fun! I even had to decorate the little serving area I have in the corner. Once I got started, I couldn’t stop!