Simple Food and Wine Pairings

It is National Wine Drinking day! Does that mean I get to start early? LOL! In honor of this special day, I thought I'd share some simple food and wine pairings that you can make at home or are simple to remember when ordering at a restaurant. Disclaimer: I am nowhere near a wine expert! I just drink what I like and am sharing what I have found to work.

Bubbles are my favorite "go anywhere, do anything" varietals. Prosecco, Brut, Champagne.... they are all the perfect "starter" wine. I like to have a glass over appetizers or during a cocktail hour.

Reds are good for meats and cheeses. Have some over a charcuterie plate or with your favorite steak. I find that red wines cut through the salt of cured meats and we all know it plays nicely with a fillet. Pinot Noir is my "go to" varietal when I drink reds.

White wine pairs well with white meat like chicken, fish and lighter meals like lunch or a classic vegetable risotto. I like a cold, crisp white (Sancerre or Sauvignon Blanc) in the summer with fresh tomatoes and bread.

Rose' plays nicely with lightly fried food, in my opinion. Try it with some fried oysters (recipe from Epicurious) or calamari.

The bottom line for me when pairing food and wine is to drink what you like. That way you are always sure to enjoy your glass down to the last drop!

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