Shop Your Home

Do you ever get bored with the way your house looks? It’s not that it looks bad, it just needs a little something. I do. All the time. But I can’t always just run out to the store and buy new stuff. So what do I do? I shop my house. Here’s what I mean…..

Decide what you want to change in your house. For this post I am going to use my great room as an example. Mostly because I have a love/hate relationship with my great room. I love the space but I always want to change it! Especially my sectional sofa. And my coffee table. And my window treatments. Ugh!

Anyhow, let’s start with the sofa. I wanted to add some color to it. So I started to wander around my house grabbing pillows from other rooms. I plopped them all down in the middle of the room and began to arrange. Then, of course, I ended up right back with my black and white...

But that throw blanket that had been hidden away was found and I used some pillow covers I had hiding in the guest room closet.

Then I started in on the tables – the coffee table and the side table. I took everything off of them. And I wandered from room to room again and collected things. Never forget to look in closets and under beds. You never know what you may have stashed that could come out to play! Ultimately, I decided to make the one in the living room pretty and the one in the game room utility.

Here's a tip: Use books to add height to items or just to add a little bit of color.

Lastly, I went for my desk. Unfortunately, my office is right at the entry of my house, so I always have to keep it neat and stylish. Therefore, I am constantly arranging, rearranging and stashing stuff. I cleared it off completely and started from scratch. I couldn't take a photo because while the desk top is clean, the floor is not!

Now I feel like I have a whole new space! And I didn’t spend a dime! I just shopped my house. And it kind of freshens up the whole house when you do this because you end up adding things to other rooms or clearing stuff out. It’s a really fun way to also take inventory of what you have. Because we all know that stuff gets shoved into a closet and forgotten about!