Project Reveal: Orange is the New Red

This project was supposed to be a quick spruce up in time for a family graduation. However, shipping delays continued to be a challenge. 10 months later the last piece of furniture finally arrived. We got it done just in time for Thanksgiving! Here's a quick look at our "Orange is the New Red" project.

The reason we decided to call this project "Orange is the New Red" is because the client loves the color red! But there was just too much of it in the home and the finishes were a tad dated. So we reupholstered some red swivel chairs and refinished the red kitchen island. And we chose to work within a warm palette, not red and gold, but updated it with the color orange. We worked the orange into the spaces in very subtle ways.

Just a hint of orange here and there, like on pillows or in the rug, were the perfect way to keep the room warm without going red. I know that the red and gold trend was all the rage in Charlotte interior design back in the early 2000's, but unfortunately it is time to update.

We painted all of the walls in the house a more neutral color. They were previously a more gold tone. In the dining room we opted for textural wallpaper, updated furniture and a hit of orange in the beautiful artwork. I absolutely love the way the dining room came out! It's amazing what a little updating can do.