Powder Rooms with WOW Factor!

Do you like wallpaper? Or does it scare you? Let me help you with that.... start in a smaller space like your powder room. It is the BEST space to add some WOW factor to your home! Check out these powder rooms with bold (and fabulous) walls.

Bold dark floral wallpaper print powder room

My love affair with black is ever present in this bold powder room. Big flowers on a black background make for a moody space, perfect for washing your hands or a quick freshening up. Powder rooms are meant for a quick in and out so a bold pattern won't overwhelm. Nobody is in there for very long.

Bright blue patterned wallpaper in powder room

Use your favorite color in the powder room! This client loves navy blue so a fabulous floral in shades of blue on a navy background was perfect! Everyone that uses this powder room says WOW!, it never fails.

Floral pink and green wallpaper print in powder room

Don't be afraid to add a color that you have never used before. This client is the only female in a house of boys. She asked for a bit of pink in this space since it is nowhere else in her house. I loved that she wanted to go bold!

Use that small powder room to experiment with color and pattern. It is the perfect place to go bold and step just a tad outside of your comfort zone. I promise you will love it and your guests will too!