One Room Challenge - Week 4 1/2

Yes.... I did not post for last week until now....I'm sorry.... we are kind of at a standstill.... COVID-19 is wreaking havoc with delivery times. Manufacturers are clogged up from orders they took for 2 months without being able to produce. Installers are booked so far in advance that it's taking weeks to get them out here. With hiccups like I've had on my project, we are waaaaay behind. If you don't remember my issues, check out my Instagram Highlights.

So, my One Room Challenge will probably be about a week behind. My sectional is not due to ship until June 26, which is one day after the challenge is supposed to end. My cabinets are not being installed until the latter part of next week so that means no counters or shiplap backsplash until the following week. That means on reveal week I will not be done.

It is so frustrating! However, these things happen. And these are unprecedented times. I am thankful for the fact that I can show my clients that I AM one of them. I know how frustrating it can be when things don't go perfectly. I just keep reminding myself how great it will be when it is all done!

So let's focus on what it's going to look like....

Now, I have received the draperies and light fixtures. So now it's going to be DIY time in order to get some of this stuff done. Stay tuned this weekend and I'll share the joys of hanging things with my husband.....

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