One Room Challenge - Week 3

Y'all..... this week of the One Room Challenge has kicked my *ss! No kidding! I came at this challenge a little late so everything that is happening is happening in real time. So when something goes wrong it ruins the entire timeline. I'm thinking that after this week I will be a ball of stress to complete the project in time!

This week the following items were scheduled.... demo of the TV/bar wall, painting of both rooms, installation of the wallpaper.

Here's what actually happened.... partial demo of the TV/bar wall and painting of both rooms.

We ran into a couple of snags on the demo of that wall.....

First of all, we determined that the TV niche is actually supporting the roof line. Say, what?! Who does that? Well, the 2 rooms were an addition to the original structure and so I guess that was a good idea at the time. So the 2 side walls to the niche have to stay.

But we also discovered that it wasn't properly supported.....

So now we have to go back in and resupport the ugly bump out that I didn't want in the first place! It also meant that my cabinetry would not fit! That meant calls to the cabinet company to cancel my order and create a new one. Which means delays in delivery times.....

My painters showed up a day late as well so that meant pushing back the wallpaper installation. Interior design can be a total domino effect if you aren't careful!

Next week I'm at the beach so nothing will get done then. I'm hoping that things like drapes and hardware get delivered. The first week in June should be installation of electrical fixtures and all of the furniture will be picked up by Habitat for Humanity so it will feel a bit less cluttered! The following week should be installation of cabinetry, followed by counter tops, shiplap and floating shelves. Then it will be the last week so furniture!!! Cross your fingers that it all works out!