One Room Challenge - Week 1

Whew! It has been so long since I’ve done a One Room Challenge! And I am so excited to be a guest participant. Many of my friends are featured designers this time and I know that you will be inspired by all of their transformations! And inspired by mine!

This time around I am making over my family game room. Well, it’s actually 2 rooms… a game room and a TV room. We spend most of our time in here watching TV and shooting pool. Unfortunately, we rarely entertain in it even though it is a HUGE room with a wet bar and a pool table. It’s all because it’s kind of an embarrassment. We have 2 mismatched sofas that I’ve tossed slipcovers on. Our tv sits inside a niche that was built in the ‘90’s for a big box TV. The cabinets have been repainted but not much else has changed.

The game portion of the room consists of a pool table that was left behind by the previous owners and not much else. The drapes are too short, I don’t like the color any more and it could be so much more!

My husband has been wanting a Bourbon bar somewhere in the house. He has begun collecting rare bourbons and gotten lots of his friends on board with trying them. After researching lots of bourbon bars, I felt that they were all super masculine and "farmhouse-ish" with rustic reclaimed wood and leather. Not really what I want in a family space. So then I started playing off the color of bourbon - deep to warm brown - and thinking about the feeling of bourbon - warm and relaxing. Still very masculine... but at least it was a start.

Rose' is my drink of choice, preferably sparkling. And that sparked an idea.... bourbon and rose'! Warm brown paired with warm pink! The color palette began taking shape and I could not be more excited about it. It's masculine meets feminine and very much our style.

The game room will still have a warm tone to it but furniture will be black to withstand the wear and tear of teenagers playing pool.

So here’s the plan:

The wet bar is getting a complete overhaul with new cabinets, new counter tops, floating shelves and shiplap. (Yes, shiplap still has its place!) That big TV niche is going away and we will wall mount the big screen.

As for the game area, the pool table is getting a little make over and I have a beautiful mural coming from Poland. It’s going to be a LOT more fun to play in. My hope is that the kids and our friends will want to spend more time in here! I envision a great entertaining space and a place where we can cozy up as a family.

I truly cannot wait to get this started! This week, I will be tracking shipments and getting the electrical prepped then comes demo and paint!