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One Room Challenge - REVEAL Part 1

What a long and crazy challenge this one was! I always look forward to the One Room Challenge! It's been a part of my blogging world for years. Many thanks to Linda and Better Homes & Gardens for always being such supportive and integral parts of this challenge.

This year I was determined to tackle 2 rooms. But the powers that be had different plans. So this reveal will be in 2 parts.... Part 1 is the completed billiard room. Part 2 is a "coming soon" situation. We had SO MANY setbacks for the TV and bar area that I don't even know when it will get completed. Recently, the granite slab that I chose cracked down the middle. And it was the last one. Sooooo, I have to choose a different one. Which means that the shiplap can't be complete until the counter goes in. Which means that the lights and shelves can't be installed. The sectional also hasn't arrived (10 weeks and counting....). But enough about that... let's focus on what was completed!

First, let's take a quick look at the Before:

Lots of ugly going on with that huge pool table and ceiling fan.....

Now it looks like this:

I made some super quick and easy changes in here. First, the light fixture. Many thanks to Crystorama for sponsoring this room! Isn't it beautiful?! I felt that the pool table needed to have something softer over it. This antique bronze fixture is so simple and elegant, yet it makes a statement. Which is hard to do given that the pool table is so massive and bulky.

Let's discuss that pool table.... Pool tables are heavy and bulky and EXPENSIVE! Buying another one was not in the cards. So a coat of paint spruced this one right up. I love it in the black! Now all of the furniture in the room is black. Which is perfect!

The mural, which was made in Poland, makes the space! I love it so much! Paired with geometric drapes from Fabricut, the mural doesn't seem too "woodsy".

This will be very much a kids space. But my children are 12 and 14 so it didn't need to be too child like. We still have our Rock N Roll marquis sign and the popcorn maker, so all is good. The bar cart will probably hold more soda than liquor, but that's ok. There will be plenty of room on the other side when the bourbon bar is complete!

I am really please with the way that this room turned out. I can't wait to show off the other side... cross your fingers that I can find a new granite and get everything installed ASAP! Meanwhile, you'll find me shooting some pool.

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