One Room Challenge Fall 2020 - Week 1

I feel like I just finished the One Room Challenge from the spring, but here we are, at it again. (if you missed my bourbon bar, check it out HERE.) This time I will be transforming my home gym. My son and husband both cannot go a day without their workout. So when the pandemic shut everything down, my husband starting ordering equipment so that we could use it at home. Therefore, our detached garage became workout central and had to house all of our junk as well as the gym equipment.

My goal for this is to make the home gym a bit more interesting and functional. Maybe cleaner..... Then maybe I'll want to use it. We definitely need to give it a fresh coat of paint and add better lighting.

The large mirror we have needs to be hung up and the whole room could use some color.

But we also need to realize that it is a garage and we need to have some storage in there. So organizing what we have and really utilizing the workbench that's in there will also be key.

So follow along as I makeover this room into a spectacular home gym anyone will want to use.