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Neutral Design Ideas That Are Anything But Boring

Design flat lay Neutral design color palette with design floor plans multiple patterned fabric samples wood flooring sample

Neutral design gets a bad rap! Many say that it is boring or "safe" or for people with no vision. I completely disagree. Beautiful neutral design is anything but boring! Here are several examples of neutral design that range from bold to soothing.

Design Flat lay in black and white color palette with several fabric samples mixed patterns

Black and White Forever

Did you realize that black and white is a neutral palette? Well it is.... everything goes with black and white! By mixing several different patterns and textures you can achieve quite a bit of interest with a 2 color palette.

Design Flat lay beige and gray color palette with decorative beads multiple fabrics samples and curtain rods

Beige and Gray

Beige and gray is what you think of when someone says "neutral palette" but it doesn't have to be boring. Layering different shades of gray and beige together makes for a cohesive look. I especially like to use textured walls and soft fabrics to really make this a soothing and comfortable palette.

Design flat lay Black and Tan color palette with several patterned pattern samples and tribal striped beads

Black and Tan

These are definitely colors that go with anything but play nicely with one another. Varying shades of tan from taupe to beige to bronze work well with black and don't overwhelm the eye. Many animal prints are found in these colors which is perfect for layering patterns easily.

Are you convinced now? Neutral interior design schemes are anything but boring!

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