My Favorite Books For Inspiration

Y’all! I have been such a couch potato lately! The weather down here can’t seem to decide if it’s summer or winter. Some days it is in the 80’s and some days it is in the 40’s. No joke! So I have been doing a lot of nesting, trying to get ready for spring. I have serious spring fever, but when it is cold outside I tend to stay inside. I’m not a cold weather girl. As I’ve been huddling up inside, I’ve been flipping through some of my favorite books that I find lots of inspiration in. These inspiring books range from cook books to decor books to entertaining books. I love them all and I hope you do too!

I am just itching to entertain. It is one of my favorite things to do. I love having friends over for cocktails and appetizers. We get to laugh and eat and generally just enjoy each other’s company. As soon as it gets warmer, I’d love to take the entertaining outside. There are several books that are full of entertaining ideas and inspiration. (Affiliate links used for your convenience.)

Favorite Books For Entertaining & Home

  • Martha’s Entertaining is so fabulous! The table setting ideas and the party planning and the decor! It is all stunning! The photography in this book make it ready more like a picture book. There are ideas on how to display food, decorating for the party and what to serve. All of the recipes are in the back so you don’t get bogged down in the technical stuff and you can just enjoy the party photos.

Martha! Love that woman! This book is HUGE and amazing. It always seems to be on my coffee table.

There are so many tips and tricks in this book from flower arranging to table setting to menu planning. It has wonderful recipes, especially for cocktails, that will wow your guests. But she also throws in tips for freshening up before a party or setting up a guest room. It really is wonderful!

  • For us Southern gals who like to entertain and enjoy the best that the South has to offer, Julia Reed’s South is the right book! Elegant dinner parties and recipes using local ingredients is what this book is all about. It reads more like a cook book but the ideas are wonderful.

  • Need help organizing something? You must pick up a copy of The Complete Book of Home Organizing by blogger Toni Hammersley. I have been reading her blog, A Bowl Full of Lemons, since before I even had a blog. She can organize ANYTHING! This book really covers ever corner of your home and how to keep it tidy. It is so practical and applicable. I have so many pages marked with post-it notes I can’t even discuss it!

This book can organize ANYTHING in your home and tells you how to keep it tidy! A must have in any home, seriously!

Favorite Books for Design Inspiration

I have so many home decorating books that I can’t even discuss it. I love them! Just looking at the pictures inspires me. Honestly. But these here are my 4 favorites.

  • First up, Elements of Style by Erin Gates. She has a blog by the same name and is a design phenom. I actually read this book from cover to cover because it is a fun and easy read. The photos are beautiful but the way in which Erin explains her design process and how she got to where she is in the design world is what really got me.

  • Farrow and Ball….. you probably know that name because of their paint and wall coverings. The book How To Decorate is a wonderful piece of eye candy that you will flip through again and again.

  • And now, for my favorite designer of all time….. Sarah Richardson! Don’t you ADORE her? I once met her in the bathroom at High Point Market. She is very sweet and humble. Unfortunately, the bathroom is not where you ask someone to take a photo with you so I left without a pic. I felt weird waiting for her to come outside too. Anyway….. Sarah Style and At Home: Sarah Style are my two favorite books, hands down. Every room that Sarah designs is so elegant yet comfortable and restrained.

So now you know what I may be doing on any given day. Flipping through my faves. I hope you can find inspiration in these books as well!