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Kitchen Renovation Planning

Are you planning a renovation in the New Year? Buckle up, you are in for some fun! But there are some things you need to know to keep you on track and to keep your sanity.

Have a plan. A Pinterest board will only take you so far. Enlist the help of an architect and/or designer to establish a layout and preliminary ideas of how you want your space to function. It is the best money you will spend!

Establish a budget by doing research. Don’t just say “I have $50,000 to spend” without knowing what that can get you. Go to your local tile shop and ask how much your favorite tile costs per square foot. Call the cabinet maker and ask what the average cost for a full kitchen is. Contact a few contractors to get estimates on labor. Going in blind will surely leave you disappointed. (Feel free to fill out our inquiry form to get a sample budget!)

Know your materials. Do you want wood floors or tile? Is the movement of marble your love or do you prefer quartz so you know exactly what you are getting? Lacquered or unlacquered brass on your faucet? And if you don’t know, consult a designer. We do this stuff every day and are happy to help!

Keep your eyes on the prize! Kitchen renovations can be hard. They are dirty and noisy and disruptive to a household. But they hold the most value, both for resale purposes and for your lifestyle. When you have your new kitchen, that looks and functions perfectly for your family, you will be so happy that you did it!

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