Home Office Inspiration

Having an inspiring workspace is so important when you are in a creative business.  Nothing is worse that looking around at your space and feeling bummed out.  Am I right?  For me, an inspiring workspace is neat and tidy, yet holds everything I need.  It is well decorated and, well, pretty.  So when my husband decided to get some office space outside of the home and let me take over the home office, I practically pushed him out the office french doors!  I was so excited to get out of the guest bedroom!  And now I am plotting and planning away to make this space the most inspiring room in the house. Because a gal has to get the job done!  So here is my home office inspiration and a little insight into my design process....

Here's the truth about how I design.... I have to be inspired by something.  It can be a fabric, a color or a rug.... something that sparks my imagination.  It's not always the same thing.  And many times I end up scouring the internet or wandering around stores looking at various things.  This time, inspiration hit several times until it all came together.  The first time my head was turned was by

Kristen at The Hunted Interior.  She wrote a post about working with a cabinet company and chose a gorgeous dark green color for the cabinetry.  I'm usually not a big fan of green.  But this green had me head over heels in love!

The the dark green cabinetry reappeared in a kitchen done by Studio McGee.  Given that I love everything that Studio McGee does, I was even more excited to see that 2 of my favorite designers used this green.  So now I knew I had to have some form of this super dark green in a room, any room, of my house!  (All of this happened before I knew I'd be taking over the home office.)

I started thinking about maybe painting a bookcase, or my desk, in my current office, this color green.  While searching for a piece of art for my One Room Challenge in my powder room (which

I never finished),  I stumbled across the most perfect piece of art with that deep, dark green in it, over at Minted.  Guess what the accent color was?  Blush pink!  I like to call it Rose'.  That is when the inspiration really hit!  That was my color palette!

A couple of months later, my husband told me of his decision and I was off and running!  All of that was my home office inspiration.  And everything began falling in to place for my office design.  I found some fabulous sequined pillows and a really fun, furry green pillow.  I thought that brass accents will go perfectly in here so I'm saving up to buy and new chandelier.

The office currently looks like this:

When I'm done, I plan on it looking like this:

I have already painted the walls Alabaster by Sherwin Williams.  And I will be painting the built-ins in Essex Green by Benjamin Moore in a high gloss finish.  I'd like to build some barn doors to put on the two end bookshelves to give me some hidden storage.  Nobody needs to see all of my junk!  And we have so many books that the shelves will be full very easily.

I am so excited I can hardly contain myself!  It is going to be a fairly long process because painting bookshelves is no easy task.  And I have to fit this project in between working with clients and writing and mom-ing.... but I am so inspired.  My new home office is going to be a place that I love to work i