Holiday Table Setting Made Easy

I am all about setting a festive table for family dinner around the holidays. But it doesn't have to be elaborate and over the top. Simple and elegant are the way to go for a holiday table setting made easy. Here are my tips for setting a stress free holiday table.

  1. Use what you've got.....

Do you have extra ornaments lying around? Or a garland that you didn't use? Perhaps some greenery can be trimmed from the yard? Use what is readily available to you and create some seasonal ambience on the table. For this table, I just scattered some ornaments and used faux red flowers to set the mood for this holiday table.

2. Stack the plates and use cloth napkins....

It's as simple as that! Cloth napkins pulled through a napkin ring add instant elegance to any table. And stacking up the salad plate and dinner plate gives guests plenty of space to fill up on all the yummy things you've worked so hard to prepare.

3. Leave room for the food!

I love an elaborate tablescape, but is it really practical? It's beautiful for show, but when you are setting your actual table for dinner, make sure you leave room for the food. Nobody wants the food to get cold as you disassemble your winter wonderland dining table creation.

4. Don't fret over it....

Especially this year! We should all be thankful for the time together, for our health and for the opportunity to celebrate something. Don't stress about having the perfect table decor, the perfect part about any dining table is the people who sit at it.