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High Point Market Trends - Spring 2022

We have finally recovered from a fabulous High Point Market and saw so many emerging trends that we just had to share them with you. We picked up a few new vendors and can't wait to use them in your homes! Our current vendors told us that lead times are getting better and things are starting to move along. It's finally beginning to feel like the good old days of design again!

Gray is on it’s way out! (thank goodness!) It is giving way to warmer whites and brown tones. Warm neutrals were all over this season which creates a more inviting and happier space. Coming in with warmer neutrals are natural materials…. All natural wood tones, natural stone and colors that mimic the outdoors.

Speaking of the outdoors…. Have you heard of biophilic design? It is design with nature and a nod to the outdoor world. Having plants in the home, lots of plants, and spaces specifically for caring for plants. This was very popular this market. We say plants (fake and real) in almost all show rooms we went in to. The color green is quite popular, probably due to this trend. All of the different tones of greens, from pastel and muted to bright and bold, were on display in different show rooms.

Designing for longevity is back on trend right now. While the state of the world in 2020 and 2021 led us to purchase items for utility rather than longevity, people are now wanting items that will last. People are placing their focus on quality furnishings that will defy trends and stand the test of time. The focus is also on American made with sustainable materials. This means it will take less time to get to you, the client, because it won’t be stuck on a container out in the middle of the ocean!

Curves are big! Curved furniture, rounded edges and plump silhouettes are definitely in style. We saw lots of this in both upholstered pieces and case goods. Chunky arms, legs and cushions on all types of furniture make these pieces feel soft and welcoming, like your furniture is giving you a big hug!

While boucle’ continues to be a HUGE material choice on upholstered pieces, we did see it branching out a bit and upholstered pieces are encompassing soft and cozy fabrics. Boucle’, knit, mohair, velvet, sherpa and sheepskin all made an appearance this season in mostly warm tones of beige, cream, and warm blush.

And lastly, one of our favorite trends that we saw was incorporating antiques and found objects into a room design to finish it off. Accessories are so important when it comes to completing a room and adding in one of a kind objects makes for a truly custom space.

Everything about Market this season was amazing and we are so looking forward to bringing new design trends and vendors into your home. We will talk soon!

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