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Guest Bedroom Must Haves

Anyone ready to have guests again? Or to be a guest somewhere? I am heartbroken that I have not seen my parents since February and now all I can think about is sprucing up the guest bedroom so that it is in perfect shape for when they can finally travel our way for a visit. That sprucing up involves rethinking what would make a guest comfortable, given that they may not have left the comforts of their own home in some time. So here are some "must haves" for any guest bedroom to make your visitors feel pampered. (Clean sheets and towels are a given.)

Comfortable Bedding

Sheets used to be all about thread count. That has given way to "breathability. I love good, crisp, cotton sateen sheets that feel cool to the touch when you climb in to bed and that don't scratch me or make me too hot when I sleep. That is the same level of comfort I want to give to my guests. This goes for duvet covers as well, although the insert is really the most important part! Down or down alternative is fine, but it needs to be fluffy and soft so that guests can snuggle up in it. Think luxury hotel bedding.

Extra blankets and pillows are a good idea to have on hand. You never know when your guests may need something extra to stay comfortable.

Something To Look At

Magazines, books and pretty decor.... that's what I mean by something to look at. I always make sure to have a couple of books that guests can thumb through and definitely a recent read that I loved. A few shelter magazines...(maybe a copy of House Beautiful since they featured this guest room in this online article!) and some pretty trinkets. I like to have some objects of interest that can promote conversation around the breakfast table. Fresh flowers do the job too! Anything to make the room beautiful and luxurious is worth it for the ultimate guest experience.

Emergency Items

There's nothing worse than getting to your destination and realizing that you forgot something important - a toothbrush or razor, perhaps. Keep your guest room stocked with deoderant, razors, toothpaste and toothbrushes just to ensure that nobody panics about a forgotten item and there is no unnecessary runs to the store. Having guests is about enjoying your time together, not running errands. Also, some water and headache medication is a good idea next to the bed or by the bathroom sink. Sometimes the ultimate guest experience can result in one too many glasses of wine. And the #1 most forgotten item - a cell phone charger! Have an extra plugged in next to the bed for your guests to use.

Your hospitality is always the #1 must have for the ultimate guest experience. But people wouldn't visit if you didn't already have that! So make sure your guest room puts guests at ease and makes them comfortable.

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