Fall Decorating in 5 minutes

I am all about quick and easy. I have 2 kids, 2 dogs, a husband that travels for work, this blog and a design business. Oh, and sleep is VERY important to me. So, I like to decorate quickly and efficiently. Mostly because I like to redecorate often, especially during the change of seasons. I have recently spruced up my house for fall. Here are some 5 minute fall decorating tips that anyone can do.

Add new pillows for the season.

I have a pillow stash. Actually, it is more like a closet. And I keep lots of throw pillows in it. This makes it very easy for me to just grab and go when I want to change out my sofa pillows for the season. This fall, I used some lush orange velvet pillows and paired them with navy ikat and orange chevron.

Switch around your accessories.

For the fall, I pulled out the antlers! I love adding natural elements around the house and fall that means antlers. I come from a long line of skilled outdoorsmen so there are lots of antlers to be had. I also pulled out some seasonal blankets and accessories like twigs and wooden vases and things. Fall can tolerate heavier colors than spring and summer.

Buy seasonal flowers to decorate with.

Treat yourself to flowers! And if you want them to last longer, invest in some realistic looking faux ones. Right now, sunflowers and dahlias are king around here. And their colors are stunning! My favorite places to buy faux flowers are from Pier 1 and Pottery Barn. Flowers are the easiest 5 minute fall decorating items to use.

Fragrance your home for added ambience.

Simmer some cinnamon on the stove. Diffuse some essential oils. Light a scented candle. I love the smell of cinnamon in the fall. It just makes me feel of warmth and comfort. My favorite is Yankee Candle Cinnamon Stick. Some others may like the scent of a fire or fresh baked cookies. It’s quite amazing how smell can make a whole space feel different!

It’s all about the atmosphere you create.

Does fall make you want to get cozy and curl up? Then display books and blankets. Light a candle or two to simulate a fire (it’s still too warm here for a real fire but I lit one anyway!). Just these little touches that you can do in seconds can create a fall atmosphere in your home.