Fall Bar Cart Essentials

If you love entertaining, a home bar is essential. However, having the space for a full home bar isn't always in the cards. That's why I love the revival of the bar cart! My bar cart sits right in the middle of my game room. Truth be told, I’d rather have a smaller one and then a real bar on the opposite wall, but a girl’s gotta dream, right? So it’s a pretty good sized cart and I like that it is gold and rolls around. I use it all over the place.

Some essentials for a bar cart when entertaining are, of course, the usual liquor selection of whiskey/bourbon, vodka, gin and tequila. You should also have a red and white wine available and some beer. For fall I like to have Guiness, a pumpkin ale and some ginger beer.

The corresponding glasses for drinks are also essential. For fall I like to stick with wine glasses, old fashioned glasses and some copper mule mugs. Then I put out some fun, tall stemmed glasses that can be used for beer or just water. Always serve something non-alcoholic for your designated driver or those that don’t want to drink.

Now, the mixers…. while you can’t very well fit every single type of soda or juice that one my like to use in their cocktail, you can provide the essentials…. tonic and sparkling water. And cut up citrus fruits. Because who doesn’t like a vodka tonic or a tequila with lime? Your cocktail shaker should be at the ready, as well as a full ice bucket.

Then, just to make sure you really have the fall bar cart essentials, add some festive touches! These cute little pumpkins let everyone know that fall is here. It’s time to share a drink with friends and enjoy the glorious things that the season has to offer!