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Easy Fall Front Porch

Amidst the 80 degree temperatures in the Carolina’s, I have managed to decorate the outside of my house for fall.

Now it’s even decorated for Halloween! But before the Halloween decor exploded out there, I snapped a few pics of my fall front porch and wanted to share them with you.

My decor is simple and natural. I don’t have a green thumb and tend to forget about flowers so it’s better for me to keep things to a minimum. But flowers and pumpkins are the best way to decorate for fall, in my opinion, so there are plenty of them. The white pumpkins are great faux ones that I found at Homegoods after not being able to find natural white ones.

This wreath, also from Homegoods, inspired my pillow selection. I didn’t want my entire patio to be pumpkin orange. I thought the fresh green was a nice alternative. And the little white pumpkins tied in nicely with the big faux ones I got. Yes, that is my dog, Murphy, you see peeking out of the front door. He hates it when I’m outside without him. But he tends to wander in his old age so he has to stay inside or in the fenced back yard.

I was so excited when I found these mums. $12.99 for 4 at Costco! Everywhere else I went they were $8 for one. Awesome! Now I just have to keep them alive.

The front porch was actually a really big addition to the home as part of our renovation project. I love the way it turned out. I kind of wish we spent more time out there. Why is it that we don’t sit on the front porch and wave to the neighbors? Instead we hid in our back yards. These benches from Grandin Road are meant for porch sitting!

The porch spans across the entire front of the house. It’s hard to get a full shot without standing in the neighbor’s front yard across the street! Here are my front steps, which are my favorite part. I always wanted stone steps and a stone facade on my house. That’s the beauty of renovation. You get to choose what you have always wanted.

I hope you have enjoyed my fall fall front porch. Simpler is always better for me. But if you are able, remind me to water the mums every so often! They would really appreciate it.

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