DIY - Nailhead BOO Pumpkins

I am not a fan of the scary, gory and gross side of Halloween. I prefer the pumpkin, scarecrow, “colors of fall” side of Halloween. So I created some BOO pumpkins to dress up my entry in a festive, yet attractive, manner.

I started off with “funkins”. If you don’t know what they are, they are foam pumpkins. I found mine at Hobby Lobby but I know you can find them elsewhere. And I spray painted them in oil rubbed bronze. (It’s what I had in my paint closet.) Then I grabbed 4 boxes of upholstery tacks and some printed letters.

I placed the letter over the face of a pumpkin and began placing the upholstery tacks around the edge. The key is not to push the tacks in all the way because once you are done, you will want to be able to tear the paper away from the tacks. If the tacks are in too tight they will hold the paper

in place and it will not tear easily.

Once you finish up, you have a cute little vignette for anywhere in your house. And it doesn’t involve blood, skeletons or zombies!