DIY Hidden Curtain Rods

I have a beautiful, open, 2-story great room.  I know that it is a common problem trying to figure out how to dress your windows in these spaces.  I knew I didn't want 2 story drapes.  I can't even imagine how long those would be.  And how expensive!  You see, when it comes to window treatments, I outsource.  I don't make them myself.  I want them to look beautiful and if I made them myself I'd look at them every day and think what a terrible job I did.  So I have a seamstress named Mira who does impeccable work.  And she does what I ask.  No matter how crazy.  And it always turns out great!

I ask for some odd things.  Or at least Mira looks at me like I'm odd.  But in the end she sees my vision.  So when I brought her some 124" premade curtains, fabric remnants left from my $40 chair reupholstery job and an idea for "hidden" curtain hangers she looked at me funny and then began taking notes.

As I scoured the internet for pre-made curtain panels, I found these on Pottery Barn.  They were having a sale on their 124 inch panels.  $25 a piece!!!  I couldn't resist.  I knew Mira would have to shorten them and add pleats, but I had already started to plan.  Do you remember these chairs?  Well, they got a bit of a make over and are now in my great room.  I had left over fabric and thought it would be perfect to tie into the curtains.  Just to break up some of that white and tie in the furniture.  Reupholstery ain't cheap so these chairs will be brown zebra for a while!  I asked Mira to put 18" of that fabric at the bottom of each panel just to anchor it.  I wanted each panel to be 110" total.

I wanted the curtain panels just about a foot above the window height and I wanted the rods hidden.  I didn't want a continuous rod going across the entire room and the distance between the windows was so short that I'd have to have any rods I bought cut down to size.  Insert my little DIY project here.  I thought I could mount eye screws on some wood, attach the wood to the walls and hang the curtains from the eye screws.  Easy enough, right?

Mira wanted to make sure they looked right so she covered the boards in some liner fabric.  We discussed spacing of the eye screws and how many were necessary.  Using 1x2 boards and the eye hooks, we made these. 

Then for the mounting on the wall.... L-brackets were mounted to the bottom of the boards.

Then the boards were mounted to the wall and ready for hanging.

I had a helper who was supposed to be steadying my ladder, but he got tired.

I hung the curtains from the boards.  Mira had set the curtain hooks at just the right height so that the boards wouldn't be visible from the top.  And with one eye hook on each end, the curtains "wrap" around the board.  Invisible curtain "rods"!

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