Design Trends that are Staying... and Going.

Every year the design magazines and websites talk all about the trends that are happening for the year. Usually in January.... but I thought I'd take a minute before heading to High Point Market next month, to explore what trends I think are staying and what trends I think are going. (If you don't know what High Point Market is, think NY Fashion Week for home furnishings.)


Velvet – Lush, soft, rich velvet is a must do this year.  And doing it in jewel tones is an even better idea!  This soft fabric lends itself to many applications including upholstery and accents.  It is actually very kid friendly and versatile.  Try it on a sofa and you’ll feel like you just sank into luxury the minute you sit down!

Image via HGTV

Florals – On the walls, on your furniture, on your windows….. florals are popping up everywhere! As they should!  In bright colors or in black and white, floral patterns have a way with making one smile.  So use them and let your house be happy!

Image via House Beautiful

Concrete accents – On a coffee table, a bathroom counter or a small arrangement of vases, concrete is a hard wearing material that was once thought to be cold and stark.  But now, paired with bright colors and rich textures, it adds a bit of minimalism to a room.  

Image from Instagram/audreycrispinteriors

Cut Stone/Agate – Yes please!  I am loving the fluid pattern of cut agate.  It can be used boldly in wall paper or sparingly in wall art and accessories. Either way, you will be totally on trend with this in your house.

Image via Instagram/jse_interior_design


Gray Everything – Thank goodness this trend is gone!  Gray is a great neutral, but sooooo depressing in my opinion.  Instead of using it everywhere in 2019, us it as just one piece of a greater design scheme.  No more tone on tone gray!  Add in some color (and I don’t just mean white!).

Eclectic Gallery Walls – Gallery walls will never be a thing of the past.  But the mish-mash of pictures and word art and kids drawings is. More streamlined galleries are what is in right now with everything being a bit more matchy-matchy.  

image via

Boho Overload – Good bye macramé wall hangings!  See you later woven foot stools!  Adios bamboo side chairs!  One or two of these items is totally fine, but an entire room in this style has seen better days.  

Image via

How do you feel about these trend predictions? Do you love or hate anything? I, personally, have been waiting for a couple of these to take off. (Florals, anyone?) And a couple to disappear (gray everything!). At the end of the day, everyone has to decorate with what they love. Trends are only a prediction, not a standard for everyone to abide by.