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Catalog vs. Custom

The catalog from your favorite store has arrived at your home. You eagerly pour yourself a beverage and plop down on the sofa with it. Time to dream up the perfect living room/ bedroom/dining room pulled straight from the pages of that catalog. With the touch of a finger, that room could be yours. No fuss, no fight.

Should you do it?

I mean, you love everything this store does.... but that chair in the corner isn’t really your style and that lamp set won’t work for your room. There’s no rug pictured but you need one. And WOW!... the price...

What if I told you that for the same price (or less) as a full room from that catalog you could get a custom designed room that you can’t buy from a catalog? Would you like that better?

As a designer, this is what I do! I put together custom rooms using furniture and accessories from all of my various vendors, to create a custom look tailored to YOU. Below is a room designed only with items from 1 particular catalog.

And here is a similar room, designed using to the trade only vendors, where the upholstery is customizable and the rug is available in multiple colors.....

If you choose to work with a designer, you can get to the trade only furnishings that are custom designed for YOU. We talk about what you like and don’t like. You’ll show me pictures of rooms you love or light fixtures that make you swoon. I will measure and remeasure every corner of your space. Then I create custom furniture layouts and design boards just for your home.

But it’s up to you.... if you want a room that looks like you ordered it from a catalog, do it. But if you want a room that is uniquely you and makes you love coming home, call me.

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