Apple Pie Pancakes

Breakfast…. it’s the most important meal of the day. Or so they say. I firmly believe that it just has to taste good. My kiddos agree. Their favorite breakfast is always pancakes. But plain old pancakes can get boring. So I decided to jazz them up a little. Apple pie pancakes!

When you think of the first day of school, you think of apples. Or at least I do. So when I was thinking about what I would make for my kids on their first day of school (only 1 week away!) I figured their favorite pancakes… and apples. Sounds like the perfect combo to me! And totally not boring.

So I started off by making apple pie filling. But I made it chunkier. I diced up some apples, mixed them with white sugar, brown sugar and cinnamon, then cooked them up in some butter. I did not use corn starch to thicken the sauce. I wanted it a little runny so that the pancakes would soak up all the apple cinnamon goodness! Then I topped my apple pie pancakes with whipped cream and some chopped pecans. Voila! The perfect back to school breakfast!

The kids ate them so quickly (and my husband too!). I felt like it was a total mom win because I got fruit into the mix and they still liked their breakfast. It was like dessert! So give these apple pie pancakes a try for the first day of school. Your family will thank you!