5 Tips For Keeping Your Kids Closets Organized and Tidy

Was one of your New Year's Resolutions to get organized?  I can honestly say that it is almost ALWAYS one of mine.  Lucky for me, I have some really awesome blogger friends who know how to organize like crazy.  This week we are all sharing some of our best home organization tips so that you can follow through with your resolution.  This year, the most pressing space in the house for organization was my kids closets.  Here are my top 5 tips for keeping your kids closets tidy.

When I go into my children's closet, it looks like a bomb went off.  Seriously.  There are clothes half on hangers, more on the floor, odds and ends that they can't seem to part with strewn about.  I usually keep the door shut.  And no matter how much nagging I do, they don't clean up after themselves.  So I took matters into my own hands, installed new closet systems (that's an entirely other post), and purged and tidied things up.  Now my children have entirely different spaces that they will hopefully keep clean.

1.  Bins and baskets are your friend.  - My children hold on to EVERYTHING!  Seriously.  That McDonald's happy meal prize from 5 years ago, they still have it.  That slip of paper a friend gave them at school?  Yup.  Still hanging around.  And you know they don't want anything to do with it until you throw it away.  They know when you do that stuff!  So bins and baskets corral all of the junk without having to see it everywhere.  And you can honestly say that you didn't throw it away!

2.  Hooks are awesome! - I use hooks in both of my kids closets for their accessories.  For my son it is for all of his baseball hats.  For my daughter there are hooks for her purses and hats, plus one for the next days outfit.

3.  Allow the kids to create their own system. - If their closets are going to stay in decent order, it has to be easy for them to maintain.  So let them develop their own system.  My daughter wanted her hanging clothes and shoes sorted by color.  My son wanted bottoms in one place and tops in the other.  These ways work for them, so when it comes time to put things away, they will know exactly where things go and it's on their own terms.

4.  Infrequently used items should go in the hardest to reach places. - If something is used often, but is placed in a difficult to get to spot, then it will not get put away.  It will stay where it is accessible.  So, in my kids closets I put things like sleeping bags and overnight bags on the very top shelf.  That way we can get them down when needed and put them back as necessary.

5.  It doesn't have to look perfect to be functional. - No fancy closet systems in my kids closets.  No color coordinated hangers.  No chandeliers or wallpaper.  Just functional spaces that belong to them.  A place for all of their stuff that they can call their own.  Maybe when they get older and stop collecting so much crap (and outgrowing clothes at an alarming rate!) I will put in something fancier.  But for now, this works.

There, now you can check off your kids spaces.  Check out the tips for the other rooms in your house from these talented bloggers.  We will be sharing our very best ideas all week long to help you get organized for 2017.


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