5 Home Trends You Thought You Left in the 90’s That Are Coming Back

Yes, along with mom jeans and Nike high tops that were in style in 1993, some home design trends are coming back from the 1990’s to haunt us. But not all of them are bad.

Rattan Furniture – yes, remember those bowl shaped chairs from Pier 1 that we all had and snuggled in to do our homework? Well, the classier cousins are here to take over your décor. Beautifully woven side chairs and light fixtures and accent pieces made out of rattan are a fabulous asset to any room. The natural color adds warmth to any space.

(Image via Palecek)

Beige – Buh-bye gray! Make way for warmer tones of beige and taupe. Don’t mistake it with gold! Beige is a nice warm neutral with more brown undertones rather than yellow. It pairs nicely with white and warmer whites, and rattan!

(image via Amber Interiors)

4 Poster Beds – Did you dream of having a canopy bed? This is the beefier version. A 4 poster bed has 4 posts (hence the name) and can be made out of either wood or metal. Most of the ones from the past were wood and you could attach a canopy top. These new versions sometimes have stringers running between the posts and boast lush upholstered headboards and footboards.

(Image via Bernhardt)

Wood Kitchen Cabinets –Yes! Wood kitchen cabinets are back. They all don’t have to be white or painted. Dark wood tones are still on the outs, but natural oak and mid-toned cabinets with simple door profiles are making their way back into kitchens and kitchen design.

(image via Studio McGee)

Ornate French Style Mirrors – We all remember those ornate gold framed mirrors that we had in homes growing up. Our parents goal was to mimic the grand look of ones they saw in Paris. Then we decided they were just gaudy. Now, they are back again and ready to make a statement. The key to using them properly is to limit yourself to just 1... ornate frames don’t need to go everywhere!

(Image via Anthropologie)

Which design trends will you use in your home?