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4 Ways to Keep Your Decor Cozy For Winter

All the Christmas décor comes down and suddenly the house feels empty. It gets me every time! I feel a little sad when everything comes down and the warm twinkle of Christmas lights is no more. But there are ways for you to keep that cozy feeling all winter long. Here are some of my favorite ways to keep your décor cozy for the remainder of the season.

Focus on warm neutrals! Think snowfalls and firelight. I like to use texture on throw pillows and blankets around my living spaces in tones of ivory, greige, tan and caramel.

Candles everywhere! The flicker of candle light casts a warm glow around any room. I love to light candles on overcast winter days and in the evenings to relax and feel the warmth.

Cozy and chunky blankets! Anything that mimics a sweater is perfect! I love to have them draped across my sofas and chairs so anyone can easily grab on and cuddle up on a cold winter day.

Add seasonal greenery! Just because we use pine branches for Christmas, doesn’t mean we can’t use them after the holidays. Evergreens are in their full glory during the winter months since they are the only thing that stays green this time of year. Don’t be afraid to bring the outside in.

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