3 Fall Color Combinations to Fall For

Fall is my favorite time of year. The air turns crisp, the leaves change color and it is time to get cozy. The colors of fall are so spectacular! So here are 3 color combinations that evoke all of the fall feels but are a little edgier than your average palette.

1. Aubergine and Citron

Why this works: These colors are opposites on the color wheel so they balance eachother out nicely. They both also straddle the line between warm and cool colors so they can go either way.

2. Saffron and Steel

Why this works: The cool steel mixed with the warm saffron color can make a space feel layered and cozy. A room decorated in only gray/blue can feel cold and sterile, but the warm gold ensures that this doesn't happen.

3. Pale sage and navy

Why this works: Timeless navy usually works anywhere, but paired with the trendy sage, it seals it's fate as being an always on-trend color. And the pale sage brings any palette up to date as it is super popular right now.

What do you think of these color combinations? Will you use them in your house?