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2023 Design Trends to Look For

Another year has come and gone, and while many are bidding good riddance to 2022, in the design world we are thrilled with the way it ended. Supply chain issues are beginning to ease up, prices are stabilizing and some really awesome design trends are on the way!

Warm tones are back in a big way! Gone are the days of cold blue and gray. Tones of caramel, rust and pine green are here to stay! (I totally didn’t mean to rhyme that, I swear). This doesn’t mean that if you love gray and blue that it has to disappear from your home, but try layering in some warmth to add depth to your space. Look at textures like worn leather or creamy boucle’. Pair blues with some mustard or beige. Look into mid-toned wood accents. It will bring your home into the new year with a more welcoming feel.

The return of wood, real wood, is here and I’m here for it! Gone are the days of all painted furniture with no wood tones to speak of. Wood cabinetry is returning to kitchens, wood coffee tables are taking center stage in living rooms and wood accents are everywhere.

In 2023 you should support your local artists! Find people creating pottery or abstract art and put it in your home. There is a real interest in people creating items that help put the finishing touches in our spaces. Go to local craft shows or art crawls to really find some gems.

Sustainability is still the name of the game. In interior design, I define sustainability as items that aren’t disposable. Don’t buy the sofa that is only temporary. Buy for quality and durability so that you don’t have to get rid of it in a few years. Reupholster grandma’s side chairs that are original Chippendale’s instead of dropping them off at the local furniture thrift store. But DO go thrifting yourself and see what treasures await!

The last trend I see for 2023 is the comeback of color! Color is not something to be afraid of like so many people were back in the 2010’s. Color is something to be celebrated and enjoyed in our homes! It adds depth and a sense of playfulness. If done right, it can completely elevate your surroundings.

Which design trend are you most excited for?

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