10 Kitchen Gadgets I Can't Live Without

I was reading an article about home organization. In it, the organizational expert was describing how she helps her clients eliminate unnecessary kitchen clutter. She makes them pack it all up and put it in a box in the basement. Then, when they need something, they have to decide if it is worth the trip to the basement. At the end of the week, whatever items were not “worth the trip” get tossed. It got me thinking about the stuff in my kitchen I just couldn’t live without. I have lots of kitchen gadgets that others may think of as unnecessary but I just couldn’t live without them.

10. Hard boiled egg timer– Just drop it in with the eggs and wait for it to change color. Fool proof! The eggs come out perfect every time.

9. Microplane Zester– Super easy for zesting lemons or grating cinnamon and nutmeg, or just a smidge of parmesan cheese. Mine is dishwasher safe so its easier to clean up than a box grater.

8. Spaghetti Server – That is the correct name. I call it a pasta scoop. Great for scooping out pasta so you can reserve the water.

7. Citrus Juicer – Compact and inexpensive, it requires only a little elbow grease. This one has the built in measuring cup. Awesome!!! Especially for recipes that call for only 1 Tbsp or something small. I don’t like to “over lemon” a recipe.

6. Wine Foil Cutter – A must for every wino!!! This makes removing the foil neat and easy.

5. Grill Roasting Pan – Mine is a double and its all seasoned and well loved. That center cup is great to put herbs, lemons, or beer for beer can chicken. The pan is perfect for grilling veggies.

4. Immersion Blender Love this!!! Super easy to clean, works for hot or cold stuff and can tackle anything and blend it smoothly. Pesto, smoothies, creamy soup – bring it on!

3. Apple Slicer – My kiddos eat at least an apple a day. Now if I could just find one that peeled the apples too!

2. Keurig Coffee Maker– This is the best!!!! Brew just one cup instead of a whole pot, any time of day. It’s especially useful when I need that afternoon cuppa.

1. Garlic Press– I couldn’t live without this!!! Who wants to chop garlic into little tiny pieces? Very time consuming and dangerous. I swear one day I’ll lose a finger!

I truly feel that every single one of these gadgets would be worth a trip to the basement. That organizational expert would be going crazy…. But these are truly my favorites.