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Livable. Luxury. Lifestyle.

Designs meant to be lived in, with a touch of luxury, to fit your lifestyle.  

 Home should be an ideal backdrop for experiencing daily life in a setting that is both elegant and inviting.  

Be Inspired....

I design spaces to be lived in - served up with a touch of luxury! This is design with you in mind - the way you live your life, your style, and your needs from your space. 

Looking for some inspiration?

Check out my portfolio for some breathtaking spaces. 

Your Dream Space

“A thoughtfully designed space, created with the clients’ lifestyle in mind, sets their mind at ease. Whereas a poorly design space has the opposite effect.  You should enjoy being at home.”

                                                       -Brenna Morgan

Brenna Morgan offers a range of interior design services tailored to each individual client and their particular needs.

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